Universal Driving School


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UNIVERSAL DRIVING SCHOOL, located in West Auckland, but covering the whole of Auckland area, is the obvious choice for driver education. Learning with an experienced professional instructor is a lot easier than learning with a friend or family member. We give you those years of driving experience in a few number of hours only. Although learning to drive can be quite scary, we try to make it a real fun and a satisfying experience. We understand that safe, effective driving is only achieved when drivers observe and assess that ever-changing driving environment in front, to both sides and to the rear of their vehicles. Furthermore, we fully understand what all is involved in the new, more difficult Restricted, Full and the Overseas Conversion practical driving tests that began on the 27th of February, 2012.

Our logo "Learn Safe Driving The Easy Way" is quite appropriately chosen. The driving students are progressed from known to unknown. Some have acquired a little driving skills from members of their family or friends. Others do not even know how to start up the motor. They begin with the basics. Every student is geared through with the same goal in mind. The end result should be to produce safe drivers, who have perfect understanding of the system of vehicle control, practical application of all rules, situations and be able to identify, respond sensibly to all potential hazards around. 

Medium of Instruction:

Instructions are given in very simple, everyday spoken English and Hindi languages. Interpreters are welcome when there are other languages speaking students. Whenever needed, illustrations and demonstrations are given to hammer a point home.